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Innovative heat recovery and management systems


Autonomous systems for obtaining thermal energy through complex recuperation and integration of free energy from any natural, industrial and domestic sources and environments


Creating an energy balance through thermal recuperation and the use of alternative available energy sources


Be a benchmark for the rational use of available energy

We guarantee

Record low heat cost

Due to the integrated use of all available free sources: from the recovery of the emitted heat to the energy potential of alternative sources

Heat extraction from any source

Heat extraction from any source

of industrial or natural environment through the use of unique steel heat exchangers of our own creation

Easy integration

Easy integration

into existing or projected heating systems through the use of an open connection architecture and adaptable control algorithms

For existing objects

  • Reduction of running cost of energy
  • Improving the efficiency of existing energy systems
  • Smoothing of peak loads
  • Improving energy independence
  • Reducing emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances

For new objects

  • Significant reduction of the energy component in OPEX while maintaining CAPEX volumes
  • Reducing the need for connected energy capacity
  • Improving the energy efficiency class
  • Implementation of regulatory decisions in the field of energy efficiency and environmental safety
  • Improving the social value and reputation of the owners
The technological superiority of our products
is achievable thanks to the sustainable product development strategy


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  • Reducing the cost of thermal energy
  • Prevention of heat energy losses
  • Increasing the prestige of the existing energy solution
  • Increasing the capacity and service life of existing plants
  • Satisfaction of innovative queries

Engineering companies

  • Increasing the attractiveness of classic offers
  • Ability to upgrade existing customers ‘ facilities
  • A convenient service for determining the effectiveness of implementation
  • A tool for increasing the energy class of objects
  • Ready-to-adapt assemblies of design solutions
  • Meeting the innovative needs of the customer

Technology partners

Cooperation in the field of R&D and business

  • Heat Pump Manufacturers
  • Ventilation Equipment Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Electricity Generation Products
  • Facade Panel Manufacturers
  • Photovoltaic panel manufacturers
  • Steam Generator Manufacturers
  • Suspended ceiling manufacturers

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